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We're looking at Android Lollipop on the Note, with that Samsung TouchWiz UI on top, which not only gives it its own Samsungy look, but also opens the door to all those note-taking and multitasking goodies. Though Samsung's software improved this year, and the Play Store has plenty of great apps, we still think iOS is the more intuitive platform with the App Store being the slightly higher-quality library. This comparison could be handy if you already own an iPhone 6 Plus, or if you're looking at a discount on a used one, but this isn't a great time to buy the phablet. For likely the same price, you'll probably be able to buy an upgraded version this time next month.

Just remember that most buyers will save upfront money by subsidizing or less frequently these days signing a contract. For more from Gizmag, you can check out our hands-on with the Galaxy Note 5 and our full review of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Color options. Display resolution. Display size. Display type. Fast charging.

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Fingerprint sensor. Heart rate sensor. Slide-on keyboard accessory. Optical Image Stabilization. Mobile payments. Starting price full retail. Removable battery. Split-screen multitasking. Stylus S Pen. Wireless charging. Size Dimensions. Will Shanklin.

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He covers a broad range of consumer tech, including virtual reality hardware and software, smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches. Sign in to post a comment. Both smartphones look beautiful in their own right, and it does, of course, depend on your individual preferences as to which looks better. Both material choices result in quite the slippery device, and the use of glass in the case of the Samsung flagship means that it is also a fingerprint magnet.

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Despite the Galaxy Note 5 featuring a larger 5. Of course, both devices are still too big for comfortable one-handed use, but Samsung has to be given points here for creating a relatively more compact device. The similarities in design continue when looking at the layout of the buttons and ports, with the volume rocker on the left side and the power button to the right in both cases.

The power button of the iPhone 6S Plus does seem to be on the higher side however, making it a touch harder to reach. At the bottom is the charging port, microUSB in the case of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Lightning port with regards to the iPhone 6S Plus, flanked by the headphone jack and a single speaker unit. In differences, the Galaxy Note 5 does comes with the S-Pen stylus that is nestled into the bottom right side, and the iPhone 6S Plus features a silence toggle above the volume rocker, allowing for a very simple way to quickly silence the device.

The big difference between the two smartphones can be seen when it comes to the display, not only with regards to the size and resolution, but also their respective underlying technologies. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 5. As is now expected from Samsung displays, Super AMOLED allows for deep blacks, high contrast, and colors that pop, with the higher resolution only further enhancing an enjoyable viewing experience. Of course, the screen of the iPhone 6S Plus is plenty vivid and bright as well, and the display experience available with it is almost equally as good.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with an octa-core Exynos processor, clocked at 2. In either case, both smartphones handle daily tasks with ease, and anything from opening, closing, and switching between apps, to browsing the web and media consumption are done with no issues. Gaming and multi-tasking are a breeze as well, even with the Galaxy Note 5 offering a lot more ways of multi-tasking compared to the iPhone 6S Plus, by also taking advantage of the S-Pen stylus.

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Games load really fast with both devices, albeit a touch faster in the case of the iPhone 6S Plus, but once loaded, everything is equally smooth and snappy. The argument with regards to how much more powerful high-end Android devices are compared to the iPhones is unending, but as far as day to day performance is concerned, you will have a wonderful time getting work or play done on either smartphone. With Samsung removing key features like expandable storage and replaceable batteries to accommodate their new design language, things have never been more similar between the two ecosystems than now in terms of hardware.

Both smartphones come with fingerprint scanners integrated into the physical home buttons up front, but the iPhone 6S Plus does get the leg up with Touch ID being faster than ever. The fingerprint sensor is actually a little too fast, which is definitely an odd complaint to have, but if you are trying to take a look at the notifications on the lockscreen in the gap between pressing the button to turn on the display and the device unlocking, you will likely not be able to.

With expandable storage not available with both, power users will have to opt for the higher storage versions, even though you will end up paying a significant premium. The speaker of the iPhone 6S Plus does seem a bit clearer, with the Galaxy Note 5 speaker tending to compress the sound a little too much, even if that does help certain sounds come through a bit more. Each smartphone does have an ace up their sleeve however. In the case of the Galaxy Note 5, it comes in the form of the S-Pen stylus, boasting an even more robust set of features.

You can now quickly make a note simply by taking the S-Pen out of its slot, even when the display is off, crop areas of screenshots and take notes on it, and also capture long screenshots by capturing long passages and stitching them together. The Galaxy Note 5 makes jotting down ideas and sharing them effortless, and can be a lot of fun. Other hardware extras of the Galaxy Note 5 include the heart rate monitor, found next to the camera unit on the back, which allows for a quick way to keep track of your heart rate during a workout.

As for the iPhone 6S Plus, we get a new technology called 3D Touch, which uses a pressure-sensitive layer below the display, that allows for hidden menus to be shown when pressing on something like an app icon with a bit more force. This helps keep the menus and homescreens looking clean, while adding a lot of functionality, such as Peak and Pop, which allows for a preview of something like an email or an image, and using a little more force will then take you into the full image.

Both devices feature better than average battery life, and you should comfortably get a full day of use out of either smartphone, if not more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus - Quick Look!

That said, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has its advantage in the form of its fast charging capabilities, that allows for a full charge in just around an hour and fifteen minutes, while the iPhone 6S Plus does tend to take a lot longer.