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All plans features viewing ad creatives and traffic sources, identifying top ads, Google Content Network coverage. Top features:. The company tracking service allows to monitor competitors ad campaigns in over 75 countries, with mobile carriers, registered in more than affiliate programs. The solution is capable to track ad campaigns run in specific countries, to search by traffic source, by platform iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows OS , fetch and store landing pages, websites and more.

In this environment, the significance of such ad campaign spy tools, as we presented above, will grow as well.

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The better advertisers informed about what ad campaigns are successful, what ad creatives and traffic sources are lucrative, the more successful they will be. Because these tools are capable to accumulate ad campaign performance historical data, as time goes by, their analytical efficiency continues to increase and it makes them even a better tool in the mobile advertisers toolbox. You can uncover all of the networks that actually perform. Plus, the publishers that mainly succeed and the audience that is right for every offering. It offers the opportunity to learn from their successful partnerships and the initiatives.

With AdClarity, you can increase your conversions by emulating the successful strategies in the marketplace. AdClarity is helping thousands of media professionals to better their ROI on ad expenditure day in and day out. AdClarity offers real-time display, mobile, and video data allowing you to create cohesive cross-channel digital campaigns across all digital channels and devices.

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  5. So, AdClarity pays the way for exceeding customer expectations and of course helps to increase your profits. AdClarity addresses enterprise needs for programmatic data scalability by monitoring and tracking over 22 million publisher pages, It offers actionable insights to overcome digital planning blindness.

    AdClarity is all about obtaining the best results in the shortest possible time to achieve high ROI. AdClarity is serving the complex world of digital advertising with its focus on advertisers, agencies, and media sellers. In fact, AdClarity works out to be a complete media intelligence solution encompassing all of your digital media needs. AdClarity revolutionizes the way you do digital advertising.

    SocialPeta is one of the best Ad Intelligence tools. It goes on to track ad creative, targeting, and performance of , apps. SocialPeta offers more than millions of creatives including video, image, carousel, playable, and search ads. SocialPeta supports Influencer Analytics. You can find the best influencers and know how to engage with them. Its analytics is based on data from , influencers and millions of posts on Facebook and YouTube.

    You can find the best influencers by country and game genre. Moreover, you can capture trending apps, new releases, new marketing cases, as well as their ads and performance by country. SocialPeta also offers App Analytics. It is the best tool for social marketing and ads planning.

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    It offers detailed marketing analytics and Ads insight for developers and businesses. If you use any other Ad Spying Tools , please do share with us so that we can include them in this list. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable information. I am looking forward to visit your blog at daily basis. Hi This is my first comment on any website your content forced me to appreciate you have to say that you have such awesome writing skills your topic Affiliate Marketers is amazing keep up the good work Best regards.

    Great list of tools your share. I am also work on ADbeat tool its fantastic and to make easy my work.

    WhatRunsWhere launches first in-app Android ad spy to show who’s buying mobile ads (and where)

    Hi,I am Akash Wonderful information, thanks a lot for sharing kind of information. This is just the kind of information that I had been looking for, Thanks a ton once again. This is very nice one and gives in depth information. Adbeat sounds interesting and cooler than all you mentioned. Can you recommend a particular tool which can provide maximum features? Thank you. PPC Facebook marketing. It provides a highly interactive and easy to use interface so that you can easily search profitable campaigns.

    The search metrics is pretty exhaustive and provides various search criteria such as gender, date range, network source, location, age, etc. Thanks for sharing this detailed post on Mobile Ad spying Tool , As an Affiliate marketer the suggested tools would be helpful for me. I had personally used only semrush and that also for keyword research.

    But after reading this post going to try others also. Thank you for explaining them and giving me a basic understanding of each one! I have used Semrush and Spyfu in the past…the other ads spying tools also looks great…learned a lot through this post…thanks for sharing this buddy…would surely use these tools in future…!! Hey there. I want to know a way through which I can spy on the landing pages of other affiliates who are promoting the same product.

    This way I could get ideas to make a landing page that would truly stand apart from the competition. Anyways, thanks for this list. Can you recommend a particular tool which can provide maximum features in a single stand? All tools are for different ad spying. It depends on your requirement.

    I do use other tool on spying adult content and have not satisfied with what I have learned and done so far with the tool… Would like to know about adulyadspy, to think out of the box. Well, the good news is that there is a better way for Affiliate Marketers. So, to make your Affiliate Marketing efforts successful you should use Spy Tools. WhatRunsWhere If you wish to seek competitive intelligence related to online media buying, then perhaps the best place to get this done is provided to you by WhatRunsWhere. Adbeat Adbeat provides an excellent platform for accessing the online marketing strategy of various advertisers.

    Adplexity The best thing about Adplexity is the fact that it is a complete ad spy tool for mobile, desktop, and native intelligence. Adplexity Adult Adplexity Adult is one of the best adult intelligence services out there. Adplexity Adult offers comprehensive data on profitable adult campaigns. It covers every major country. You can see campaigns running in over 75 countries. It allows you to uncover hidden campaigns that run exclusively on mobile carrier traffic.

    Adplexity Adult is for finding successful campaigns in a fast and easy way. It allows you to analyze every piece of the campaign. Ad Trend Come to know how long the campaign is running. Devices Targeted This feature will let you know whether the campaign is working the best on iPhone or Android.

    What are the best Mobile Ad Spying Tools?

    Traffic Sources Used This feature will allow you to know where the advertiser buys traffic. Publishers Its reverse engineering helps to find top placements which are sending the majority of traffic. SpyFu SpyFu has been rated as one of the best competitive research tools.

    What Runs Where Provides Ad Intelligence For Display & Mobile Media

    It allows you to know your audience better than before. Idvert idvert is a comprehensive Ad Spying Tool for finding shopping ads. Social Ad Scout Social Ad Scout is another very powerful tool out there providing top-notch services for spying on social ads. Social Ad Scout comes fully loaded with unparalleled features. The interface is fast, and the search results are processed within a fraction of a second.

    Some of the key features of Social Ad Scout that differentiates it from other social ad spy tools in the market: Devices: It is one of those social ad spy tools with both desktop and mobile ads Ad Types: The tool supports every format including the Canvas Ads that no one else has Targeting: You get the exact targeting details for every ad Social Ad Scout also offers landing pages, images, videos, scripts, and style sheets — all in a compressed file making it easy for you to download.

    PowerAdSpy allows you to: Filter Ads according to your niche Debunk your Competitors strategies such as running ads, landing pages, etc. Scrape the best running Facebook ads within seconds Bookmark the best ads and keep them safe for future work It has powerful search options With PowerAdSpy, you can search all the popular ads based on Keywords, Advertisers, and Domains. PowerAdSpy comes with powerful filtering options.

    You can filter popular ads based on ad positions newsfeed, side column, etc. You can filter popular ads based on ad types images or videos One can filter popular ads based on Gender Target Audience You can filter popular ads based on Age Target Age Group You can filter popular ads based on a relationship such as single, engaged, married, divorced One can filter popular ads based on location.

    Price: Paid Plans. Advault Advault is all about discovering hot ads and copy winning campaigns of Native Ads.

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    All in all, Advault is one of the most powerful ad spy tools. AdClarity AdClarity is one of the best media intelligence platforms. Searching by keywords is a pretty useful tool if you wanna see the advertisers in the particular market. In addition, it also helps you figure out how to design your ads! This section is really worth exploring as it shows you the best ads according to your filters: country, creative type, ad network, and period of time. This allows you to check current industry trends and design the right ads.

    Best Native Ads Spy Tools for Super Affiliates

    Long story short, WhatRunsWhere is a good service for affiliate marketing beginners. That being said, you should understand that true pros will always want a platform with more advanced tools. Additionally, never hesitate to ask your account manager for suggestions on how to promote a particular offer in a particular segment! Keep spying like crazy and become the example of success in affiliate marketing! Mobidea website Join Mobidea. Tatiana Alshevskaya. Last updated on September 27, - 13 min read. SpyPush 4.

    SpyOver 5. AdMobiSpy 6. SEMrush 7. AdBeat 8. AdVault 9. Check AdPlexity. Check Mobidea Spy Push. Check Mobidea Spy Native. Check SpyPush. Check SpyOver.

    WhatRunsWhere | Display, Mobile & Native Ad Intelligence

    Check AdMobiSpy. Check SEMrush. Check AdBeat. Check AdVault. Check WhatRunsWhere. Tatiana Alshevskaya Key Account Manager. Older Posts. Register In the Academy.