Ios 11 cant read text messages

We would love to learn about this one!! A first for us. When I RECEIVE a message on iphone 8, see the message on the home screen, and press the messages icon to respond to the message, instead of the newly received message popping up, the last person I SENT a message to not the person who just sent me a message is the first image that pops up. In haste, I often answer the new message and send to the wrong contact that is the last person I had SENT a message to. Any idea why this occurs, and is there a fix?

After reading a message when I tap the arrow to go back to all messages it does not go back. I have to close out the app and keep trying. Please help.

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Now open Messages and press that link again for playing Game Pigeon—see if it shows up this time. Since updating the message app does not make the swoosh sound when sending but received messages have nit changed. Each time i try something i send message to myself and receipt sound always occurs but send sound never does. Today my iMessages from my MacBook Pro are sending from an email address of mine, where it used to send from my phone number. Since updating to the latest version What can be done to fix that?

Different name display on the message with same number almost on all messages. What am i gonna do to fix this? Sorry, you are having trouble with Messages. Your problem sounds like an issue with your Contacts—perhaps duplicate contacts or problems when merging two or more contact lists together. Is there a fix for that? Any help would be appreciated. I am using Gmail as my default contacts list in settings. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Started seeing the word Maybe in front of contacts I sent messages to in iMessage.

Does anyone have a solution for this? My default contacts accounts is gmail. Running latest version on iOS on iPhone 8 Plus. This is probably the Siri Suggestion feature. Your iDevice probably received a text or email from a number or email address from a name that you already had in your contacts list—it could be a duplicate, a new email or phone number, or from people who have the same name. Your iDevice is trying to help you identify your callers and email senders.

Text messages are no longer appearing in time order. Why is this? How can I fix it? Have forced quit of messages and relaunched, no success. The field where I reply to m texts in iMessages disappears chronically on my iPad Pro. Everything else still works fine, I just have to force close iMessage and reopen to get it to come back. I wiped and setup my iPad as a new one, still same problem. I have discussed with Apple support many times, no resolution.

Sometimes while I am typing a reply to an e-mail, the text I am typing gets blocked and cannot correct orthographic mistakes or insert text in the text I have written. It started after upgrading to ios In iPhone 7. Any clues on how to fix the problem? This issue began to occur following the update into High Sierra from El Capitan. Is there a way to keep a thread in but delete the conversation in Messages? Do you want to delete part of a conversation or the entire conversation?

After the latest update, once I send a text, what I just wrote appears again in the text box, as if I were to rewrite it in a new message. Does this make sense? Hard to explain. Is there a way to delete all the messages but keep the thread? Hello I have an Apple I phone 6 and just did my upgrade to I have to go back to contacts find that friend again, then hit, send message , then maybe it might go to my keyboard to send a message. What the hell?! It just did it when I hit the message box to send a pic from camera roll too!

Not exaggerating- TEN seconds! Please help! Apple released an iOS Update that addresses these issues. Remember to backup first before doing any update, even to a minor version. Any Suggestions on this? Sorry that you are having such problems with Messages in iOS If these features are already on, toggle them off, wait a few seconds, and toggle them back on.

It might also be helpful to name your group and then send messages to that group. Basically, you create a single contact listed with your group name and associate multiple emails with it. For example , , and so forth. I have an iPhone 6s Plus and there is a word stuck in my iMessage toolbar every time I go to send a new text message. How do I clear the texting toolbar? Probably the easiest thing to do is close your Message App to clear its cache. Double press the home button or swipe up on the Home Gesture Bar.

Then locate the Message App Preview and swipe up all the way off screen towards the top to close it. Then, restart your phone and open Messages again. It should be clear.

Try these steps first

How do I send an iPhone user text messages instead of iMessage? There used to be an option when you press and hold but the new update has the reaction features thingy. When you want to send an SMS Message, type out your message and press the send button. THEN, tap on that same message right after you send it when the message is not yet received. Select Send as SMS. Scrolling just stops at a certain point. The attachments and photos sent in the conversations are still there, however, so I believe the messages are still there but somehow not viewable.

I back up my phone every night. Is this a known bug and does anyone know how to fix it? I have reset settings, turned iMessage off and back on and that has not worked. Thank you for any help you can provide. I have a question how do I update the sticker apps. Can you help? Great question. And sadly, there is no one answer. First, if your stickers are associated with an app, then updating the app via the App Store also updates any associated stickers. Instead, you need to delete the sticker pack and reinstall it. To update sticker packs.

If I want to send text messages I need to go to message app only but before ios11 I could able text anyone directly from my caller list or contact list directly. Any solution?? I cannot make messages to any directly from my contact list or recent caller list. I updated to IOS 11 and ever since i get stuck in messages. If it hit it over and over and over and over again it will eventually let me out or else I have to close the app totally and come back in. I even removed my screen saver to see if it was blocking the connection to go back.

Then I realized that I had another issue. The i information button does not work any longer. I starts a new message instead of letting me get to the info for the thread. It must feel super frustrating. We want to cover the bases. If there is an update available, backup first and then update via iTunes if at all possible.

Updating via iTunes often solves these types of problems, so if that option is there, update this way. Next, check your font size to see if it was reset after the update. Adjust it to a smaller size. Also make sure Bold Text is toggled off. Restart your device and then check Messages to see if issue is fixed. Restart again. And check the Message app again to see if problem is gone. Thanks for responding so quickly to my issue. I tried to Reset my phone and restore from the iTunes backup as you suggested.

This did not work. Oh darn it! Last Saturday my messages stopped showing up. I sent a group message from another app. It went out fine, even got a reply. Then, within an hour or so, the following happened: 1. When I tap on the message icon, it opens, but there is no history. The list is completely blank. I type a message and then try to hit Send, but cannot get the Send function to work. If I happen to catch an incoming text and press and hold, the text shows up with the history of previous texts. This gives me confidence that my texts are still there somewhere yay!

I upgraded to iOS All the steps above the list of 11 things. None of them worked. Forced Reset options see below. Tried reset with wiping all the settings. Tried reset with wiping settings and content. Restored from iCloud backup I made yesterday.

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Reset by wiping settings and content. Did not restore from backup. It works. BUT now I have no apps, no settings, and most critically, no history of texts. I need my text history. This was the promise of backup to the cloud. I need you to keep your promise. I have not tried resetting and restoring from iTunes backup.

I did the workaround and it works. It must feel overwhelming and so very, very frustrating! Though you hesitate, I would indeed move forward with using iTunes to reset and restore your device, with the iTunes backup. So please try iTunes! Great job, here! Here is my issue. In fact, if the texting conversation happens within a minute, all my texts will appear together and all of the responses will appear together ABOVE my texts. Frustrating that this change has occurred. Have tried changing times zones, turning location off etc. Oh my goodness, what a pain in the you know what! Some folks report this worked for them but it has not worked for everyone : fully close the Messages App by double pressing Home and swiping up on the Message App Preview, then power down the iDevice and slide off.

Wait seconds and power back up. After the forced restart, open the Messages App and see if the problem is corrected by asking someone to start a conversation thread with you. Make sure you text each other back and forth a few times to ensure things work normally. Finally, check that you are updated to the latest iOS 11 version—Apple recently released a fix for Message problems that might help—it was geared to people with missing letters or texts showing the wrong letter but there are some reports it helps with the out of order text problem too.

Add Custom Message for “Respond with Text” In iPhone

Since updated to How to I correct this issue? Or are you not receiving those handy SMS text alerts? So you need to look at your email account settings and fix the issue directly through the email provider like Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and so forth. See this article for tips on changing these settings. Group texting options are now a nightmare if you want to text an individual. Why would this change so drastically?. If I need to send a quick or God forbit an urgent text to an individual I now have to scroll past groups of people and irrelevant contact suggestions to now reach the person I want to message.

This worked well before the IOS 11update. You hit the head on the nail with your comment—iOS 11 seems to do maddening and unpredictable things with our Messages. So frustrating! They are definitely not isolated anomalies. When I try to send a message from a contact by clicking the blue bubble or send message, I get directed to the compelte list of messages, instead of that contacts message thread. Spent hours on the phone with apple, webnt to the store they gave me a new phone And set it up as new phone, still same problem.

Oh my goodness, what a pain! It must feel super frustrating and maddening! I am having same problem with chris posted nov. So you have every right to feel annoyed and more. First suggestion we have is fairly obvious, but always check if there is a new iOS update out—some of our readers who had this exact issue saw it go away after updating to iOS If an update is available, back up first. And then, if possible update via iTunes—just doing an update on iTunes instead of via that Software Update Over-The-Air update fixes quite a few issues.

If so, toggle it off, wait 20 seconds, and toggle it back on. If using an iPhone X, please follow these directions on how to close apps on that device without a Home. After closing your Message app, restart your device by powering off and then back on. Check and see if Messages is working normally by asking a friend, family member, or colleague to engage in a conversation with you.

Used before and it left contact in and now it deletes contact and messaging. The delete conversation button should delete that conversation thread—the whole thing. But it should NOT delete your contact. After deleting a conversation, are you able to start a new conversation thread to that contact or is their info now missing entirely from the Contacts app?

Sorry to hear about that screen real estate problem in messages. For almost all of them, they had their display zoom setting on, which was blocking out parts of their screen. Can you please take a look and see if you have this setting enabled and if so, toggle it off. So a convo will look like this:. Wife:Hi Wife: How are you? Wife: Not much, I have the munchies. Wife: Okay, sounds good. Oh man what a pain in the you know what!

Sorry you are having this Message mess. If it already is, toggle it off, wait 20 seconds, and toggle back on. Alternatively, set it manually. Once done, restart your device by powering off and back on. Then, see if either of these makes a difference by running a test. Come on Apple! Etc etc. But for the price of this stuff I demand that it works properly, as it always did seamlessly up to a few years ago, in the Steve Jobs era.

Now updates are a nightmare — and others have had much worse troubles than I have — and prices of new gear is going through the roof. Every time I choose a new contact for iMessage I choose send message and it disappears back to the beginning so I have to go in my contacts find the person and press send message again.

When in my call register list or contacts, if I press on the message icon, it only opens into the message app, before it would directly open to the inbox of the person I wanted to text, do you know the reason for this??

Android phone not receiving text from iPhone and viceversa

Reply: Its a bug with ios If the message app is already started and in memory, it works as before. When it opens into the message app, if you go back to contacts and try again, it will work because messages app is already active. What a bummer! In ios 11, if you try to send message from contacts page, it will go to the message page and stop. If the messages page is already active, it will go to messages page and fill in name like it did before ios 11 update.

Why would apple do this on purpose? Looks like a bug to me. When I launch the message app the messages are not there or in my message history. Ask a few friends to message you when your phone dies. I was told this is a known problem and Apple is working on a fix. Thanks for sharing this insight. Very helpful, especially with all the reports of problems since iOS 11 updates. Hello I am using ios The senders are not even on my contact list. How can I fix this. First backup your phone via iCloud or iTunes. Then restart your phone and sign back in using your Apple ID. Hello after updating the new iOS 11 update.

Any way to fix this. If I close the message and open it back up it works. But tired of doing this to every message all day? I had the message issues too — and the link was lost between contact list I. The new glitch is — I put my phone in Airplane mode and now it will not link to any WiFi connection at home or work…. I just updated to I have a 5S, and the contact bubbles were there before I updated. Any ideas on how to fix? Which is scary- accidental deletion could happen when all I wants to do was go back to my list of messages. What is up with that?

I have a brand new iPhone 8—not even a month old. I updated to iOS I have to go into text message app to retrieve it. Second, now this empty text bubble appears on my home screen every time I wake up my phone.

Quite annoying. BTW, thank you Liz for this article. There was another issue I encountered, which is now fixed. I have it bookmarked for future reference. Currently, we do not have a fix for this issue. Then restart your iPhone by powering off and powering back on. Wait 30 seconds or more and then toggle them back on. They will ask for activation—this often takes around 30 seconds to a few minutes. After setting your Messages Notifications, do the same for FaceTime. Since I went to It now opens a new text message. How do I fix this? This opens their contact card. I have to quit the Messages application, and re-launch it again, then everything goes back to normal.

I can start a brand new iMessage Conversation with normal text, or picture with no problem. This happens only when I start a brand new iMessage, and put only an emoji in the message, nothing else. However, if I already have an existing conversation with the recipient, then I can send only an emoji with no problems.

But the inside was empty. After iOS 11, it takes me to my last thread. Is there a way to switch that back? In landscape mode, the keyboard is now missing several keys from IOS Specifically the arrow keys and the period and comma keys.

Any idea if this was intentional or an oversight? Obviously, a workaround would be to always leave a conversation around with just that person, but we always clean up conversations. Hi after updating my iPhone 6sPlus to the latest iOS system. I send a message to a friend with the same phone who receives the text but the sound for her phone to let her know she has ready a message does not work.

In your case, the scrambled text messages or out of order conversations are the symptoms that need to be fixed. In order to fix the bug, programmers or people who created the software update will look into the transpiring symptoms and then make necessary changes to restructure the codes and make the program run as perfectly as it should. This is when new software updates with fix patches are created and rolled out. So instead of waiting, why not try some workarounds to get the problems solved on your end? If ever you need in getting started, here are some inputs on where to start and what to do.

Below is a rundown of all possible solutions to fix the problem on scrambled messages on your iPhone 6s Plus. If you just have the new update installed, turn off your iPhone then give it about 5 minutes off before restarting. This gives it more than enough time to resume or reset all functionalities. It could take longer for your iPhone 6s Plus to process and adapt with the new platform installed so it may not be able to work as intended immediately even after the update progress bar is complete.

That said, quit the Messages app by pressing the Home button twice and then swipe up the Messages app preview to close it. This should be followed by a soft reset to refresh your iPhone too. To perform a soft reset on your iPhone 6s Plus, press the Power button for a few seconds until the Slide to Power off screen appears.

Drag the slider to power off your device completely. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears. While setting the date and time to automatic is recommended, sometimes doing so can cause conflict especially in certain circumstance. If you own several Apple devices using the same Apple ID, make sure that the date and time on each of your devices is exactly the same. Doing so will ensure correct timestamps on your messages. Previous Next. Apr 25, 1, 0 12, This opens the Phone window that allows you to manage all the settings related to the Phone app.

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