How to know if your wife cheated

If you have not already done it, confront your wife when you are under control. Be ready for her to place blame your way. Ask questions and gather as much information as possible. Calmly tell her exactly how you feel. This will take multiple sessions. You need to get away where you have quiet time to think and reflect. Remove distractions. I would highly recommend enlisting help and direction from God. Separating for a while may be healthy. However, your marriage most likely got to an unhealthy place and that takes two people. Think through and identify the ways that you contributed.

Own the part you played and what you can do different going forward. There is a deep pain and loneliness. The temptation will be to numb or distract yourself from it. However, in the morning, you will find yourself with an even deeper loneliness and hurt. Put your energy into healthy activities. You need a friend that you can be real with on every level. Choose this person carefully. Make sure they are a good listener, level-headed, and insightful.

It will be easy to gravitate to the guy who will bash your wife. You need the one that helps bring sober clarity. Complicated problems need expertise to uncover. The issues you and your marriage are facing need professional insight and perspective. Using any or all of them may gather evidence of cheating and unfaithfulness. If you wish to catch your spouse and use the information to get a divorce that favors you financially or otherwise, they work well.

If it is because you want to save your marriage that you desire knowing whether your spouse is cheating, using any of these tools may do more harm than good. If your spouse is cheating and you catch him, expect him to react angrily and with great offense. Though he broke your covenant, he will resent the actions or tools you used to catch him.

Signs she is a cheater!

That does not mean that using those tools makes your marriage unsalvageable, or even that using them would anger him more than catching him accidentally. It does mean that you should not be surprised if he becomes furious that you used them. If they help you bring the affair to light, perhaps using them is good. If they so offend your spouse that he leaves you, you may have done nothing more than speed his abandoning your for his lover. If they cause him to act rashly, you may have sealed the destruction of a marriage that might have been saved.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of knowing in advance how he might react to your actions. Expressing yourself is necessary to resolving your doubts; secretly sleuthing is not. I am not stating emphatically that you should not use those methods. However, I am encouraging you to think them through very carefully as you try to know if your spouse is cheating before employing them. If you have the slightest doubt, talk with a wise friend, minister, or counselor before taking such a step.

From my experience with many marriages in crisis, I believe it much wiser to ask, confront, and diligently pursue the truth directly with your mate than to use outside sources, technology, or violation of privacy. However, if you feel you must, proceed with the awareness of possible consequences. What Else Can You Do? If you seriously worry that your spouse is having an affair and are not ready or willing to violate her privacy to discover whether you are correct, I strongly recommend another method.

Insist that she go with you to counseling or to an intensive marriage workshop like ours. Tell her that you cannot be assured until she does, and that you are not making a request but a requirement for the sake of your marriage. If you know a counselor in whom you have confidence, schedule an appointment. However, it carries a strong likelihood.

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During the weekend, for example, people often privately confess their affairs to their spouses, and because they had an entire weekend with trained and skilled helpers, they deal with the affair there. On the other hand, people who doubted their spouses have attended the weekend and left with the reassurance that their doubts were invalid and with the marriage intact.

Living in doubt is destructive. Truth sets one free. The method for learning the truth can make the difference in saving the marriage or ending it forever. If your marriage is in danger of separation or divorce, call us at to speak with someone or use the form below to request more information about our Marriage Helper workshop for troubled marriages. Our success rate over the last decade is saving three out of four marriages, even when adultery, porn, anger, or other things have deeply hurt the relationship!

We will keep everything you tell us completely confidential. Our motivation is to help you determine if this workshop is right for your particular situation. My wife is in abroad for six years when our baby was only about 3 years old. She came back home after 2. But I noticed with proof in her cell phn that she is in relationship with another guy where they work together. And she says yes to everything, especially when her bosses request that she "work" a little longer. Or work overnights, especially when she came home from working the graveyard shift. She came home and went straight to the bathroom to change her underwear or showered?

Without even asking or telling me ahead of time. Is like my plans didn't matter anymore! Or what I got to say. Yes No I need help Okay, there is a valid point to her working any available overtime because she is the only one bringing in money right now to support you both. As for her showering after working all night, lots of people do that so that they can relax properly after working odd hours. Demanding her schedule needs to come with a reason.

Did you consider that with her taking an extra overtime a schedule is not necessary? Perhaps she is not getting her own monthly schedule right now. As for the car that her boss drives, her questions was an innocent one. Yes No I need help Instead of focusing on her job performance and decisions, it is time for you to show her that you are actively looking for employment. Throw all your available energy into it because you will feel much better once you are gainfully employed again.

Job hunting might also take some of the emotional pressure off your wife. One of the number one causes for divorce is financial dissolution. Try to avoid that breakdown in your own marriage by telling your wife that you appreciate what she is doing right now to support you both. Looks they give and what kind of communication will they do if I am in the room I have an idea that they leave tips in the bathroom but what would I look for in there any ideas. There are numerous signs you should be looking for.

Here's What To Do When Your Wife Cheats On You

Many are listed in the article on this page, more than signs. One or two signs is not a warning. It is when there are several that are jumping out at you. Do they suddenly never leave their phone around? Have they been spending more time than usual away from home or out of their normal routine? Do they seem to be accusing you of cheating? Do they not answer your call when they are out? These are some of the signs you should be watching for.

The fact that your significant other seems to have a connection with someone else is worrisome but not an outright sign that they are cheating. Ask them if they are missing something in your relationship. See if there are any issues that you may not have noticed before in the relationship. Usually, there are warning signs that the relationship is falling apart or your partner is unhappy before they cheat. Last weekend we had couples over for a game of LCR So I approached him nicely a couple of days later nicely to ask why he was upset. My wife was livid.. I wonder why she is more worried about him not liking her than how I felt about him talking to her about me versus to me directly.

There have been some concerns in the past I had to get on her a couple of times about inappropriate hugging and touching I don't consider myself jealous, but I keep seeing red flags going up I'm not sure at this point Yes No I need help Your wife is demonstrating a behavior called emotional infidelity. It is a way of subtly expressing resentment towards a partner that is related more to addiction or emotional insecurity.

The fact that she is expressing resentment by letting you know that she does not have your back in certain situations can indicate that she has a problem with your relationship, but it does not necessarily indicate cheating. Also, if your wife is in her fifties, she may want to appear still to be cool in front of other men, especially younger men. Then again, the other way of looking at this is that she might have felt that you betrayed her confidence by using what she told you to confront this younger guy, which in her mind, might indicate a lack of respect for her.

You would need to provide further details about inappropriate hugging and touching. If it was with this younger man, then you might have a right to be suspicious. Be aware as well that inappropriate touching and hugging can also be indicative of an addicted or very insecure personality, and that there may be no real hurtful intention to follow through on what is inherently impulsive behavior. Yes No I need help How do I check if my wife is having an affair when I go out when I come back the bed is all roughed up, and you know something is going on but can't prove it?

For a while now, I have had that feeling that my wife is having an affair, but the trouble is that I can't prove it. There have been times I have gone to my friends during the week, and there were 2 knee marks on the bed. I have asked her if she has been having someone else, but she told me that she is having nobody around, while what I have seen is making me think otherwise.

I have gone through her Facebook and deleted most of her male friends and just left the female friends and left it at that. I know something isn't right as I always listen to my instinct and I just know something isn't right. Yes No I need help Hi there. Sorry to hear that you are being put through like this and it is time, for the sake of your insanity, that you got a definitive answer about this, or else you are going to be living with the emotional equivalent of a toothache for many years.

You can set up the camera in the bedroom, where you suspect the infidelity is taking place and then play the action back on a computer or a phone when you come home. Some cameras will also allow you to view the action through the camera on a phone or a computer. You can buy tiny pinhole cameras that are standalone, that you can hide in a vase of flowers or elsewhere yourself that are hidden inside smoke detectors, key chains, digital clocks, stuffed animals and other everyday household items.

I met my fiance last year August, at the time we met I was broke but she had a great job, but we had to separate when she returned to the country from which she came. She supported me financially until early this year when we decided to relocate and stay together and start up a company of our own that I'm the Head.

She maintains her place of work while I run the Company when I just relocated there are times she came back home by 7 PM sometimes 8 p. There is a coworker that she goes out with for lunch sometimes, she mentions him frequently, the other day I found a picture of the guy's mom in their chat, they are close to some extent. I'm really stressed because I have this gut feeling and funnily I want to engage her. Please help me. She earns more than I do, plus we are about to get married, I Really love her but don't want to make a mistake. I have tried: I tried some personal investigations, like reading her chats but she never hides her phone.

Recently I saw a chat where they were planning to organize an office picnic, she asked him to go with his female supervisor, but he refused and replied that he couldn't go without her, she later replied by saying that "how can I go without my better half".

You think they're cheating. But how can you know for sure?

I don't get much from her phone, but her call log is busy. I think it was caused by: I think they used to date before I came into the picture, but she had no plans of settling with him. Besides, she's 36 Was this helpful? Yes No I need help She would not be supporting you financially unless she loved you and saw a future with you. She also started a business with you which means even a more significant financial investment. The person she is speaking with may just be her "work husband".

That does not mean that she is in love with him but rather that they have a work companionship. Perhaps she did know him in the past before the working relationship, or maybe she added his mother just to be a good friend. Either way, propose to her and start planning your wedding. If she really wanted to be with this person, she would have left you already.

Body language expert Judi James reveals the clues a woman gives when she is cheating.

I think the affair is long over and happened a few years back, but suddenly one-day last year things started not to add up when I pressed her about why she was so captivated with my "friend", she wouldn't stop talking about him one day, so I pressed her on it. I remembered and documented some odd behavior, weird responses and flat out lies she deems now as acting normal back then, far from it. I have many more scenarios I could share but wonder how both parties could sneak behind my back, they think they got away with it, and they did because I didn't realize until it was over a few years ago what happened.

All I want is to talk to someone who will listen to my other stories from her "supposed" affair and tell me if I'm acting rational or paranoid. This situation is different because we had been married for 30 years and then she decided to cheat on me without warning and did it very secretly, and now she acts she is hurt and embarrassed inside, and denies what she did and claims she was acting normally back then on the outside.

I think it was a self-esteem issue for her and wanted to prove she was still sexy and wanted by a close family friend who was single. We were all good friends up until my suspicions came to light, it has been enlightening seeing them together since their fling, they seem almost like an ex-wife and ex-husband when they see each other, not the giddy friends they use to be. I guess in my ignorance I never recognized what was going on when it did because I didn't think the person I loved the most and one of my "friends" would act upon being more than friends.

I have tried: I've tried talking to her directly several times and confronted my friend he denied it very uneasily She is in denial, and he is way past what happened and could care less, he got what he wanted. She again thinks the way she was acting towards him was perfectly normal. We have been married 30 years, and I know when she has lied to me in the past I know in my gut the affair happened.

He would never tell, and she wasn't about to admit anything happened and still denies it. Yes No I need help You have been married to her for 30 years. That is a big chunk of your lives for both of you. Perhaps something did happen because your friend was in a vulnerable place after his divorce and your wife was beginning to feel the youth years slip away.

But she stayed with you despite this man being newly single. Then again, nothing could have happened, and she is just irritated with your friend because she does not like how he changed once he became single again. Yes No I need help For the sake of the marriage, put this behind you. Living with anxiety and distrust is damaging to a marriage. As for your friendship, begin to distance yourself from that friend.

See if your wife's behavior changes. Been dating my girlfriend for 5 months, she has been going on Facebook more than normal, also taking her iPad or a phone that I know she carries with her, and goes online on messenger, not knowing I can see her being online what can I do? I love her, and I'm trying to be hopeful that she is not doing anything wrong, but my stomach has other feelings need help, please. We have been fighting, mostly over stupid things but I had suspicions, but now they have become more evident, I've noticed her taking her iPad, phone to the bathroom just about every time she goes Was this helpful?

Yes No I need help Your girlfriend may be interested in a game app or social media. It is unlikely that she is on Facebook speaking with another person for dating if those are your only signs. There are fights in every relationship, and if you are fighting, that means she is comfortable enough with you to vent how she actually feels about a topic or situation.

Yes No I need help Is it possible that my wife is having an affair? My wife has joined Facebook, and she has blocked me on her Facebook. I went and created another account, and I discovered that she is talking with her friend's husband on Facebook. Does this mean something is going on or are they also friends?

Yes No I need help I think you should be more concerned that your wife blocked you from Facebook. That is a pretty big line to cross in a marriage. If she is speaking with her friend's husband over messenger frequently then you should be concerned, but if your wife is innocently commenting on his social media posts for the general view, there is no need to worry. Yes No I need help I started to get a gut feeling when my wife and her 60 year old boss was sending private message to each other I need to know if my wife is sleeping with her married boss..

My wife and her boss sometimes go out of town together. I have tried: Every time I bring it up she gets upset and mad y would she get mad when I ask her. I think it was caused by: An and flirting. They like each other post on Facebook instagram you name it Was this helpful? This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

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Unmistakable Signs of a Cheating Wife That Every Man Must Know

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With Her Boss. With Your Best Friend. With An Ex. With A High School Sweetheart. With A Neighbor. With A Coworker. With A Chef. With A Fireman, Paramedic or Cop. Cheating With A Personal Trainer. With An Artist or Musician. With a Photographer. With A Much Younger Man. With A Woman. According to Your Gut Feeling. For Certain.

Facebook provides an excellent platform for people planning a secret passionate affair. Facebook provides a forum for women to show off their sexiest pictures to secret lovers. Facebook is often more about having a virtual affair than a real one, that is until the two parties agree to meet in secret behind your back. Women use Facebook to cheat because: Facebook is very convenient and allows her to check up on her lover's activities and location. Women who cheat on FB like to gossip about it with their friends.

She is on Facebook all of the time. She does not have a visible Facebook relationship status. She shuts down her Facebook the minute you walk in the room. The photos she is posting of herself on Facebook are sexier than usual.

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If her facebook photos are sexier than usual she might be trying to entertain an infidelity. There are no recent pictures of the two of you as a couple on Facebook. If photos of you as a happy couple are missing from her Facebook page, she may be saving the feelings of a lover she is cheating with.

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You may notice there are more pictures of her on stranger's pages. She posts funny or flirtatious messages a lot on other people's pages. Posts in her Events feed reveal her at locations or events you do not know of, or those pages are hidden from you. She is on Facebook late at night when she thinks you are sleeping.

If she is on Facebook in the middle of the night, chatting with someone she could be cheating. She won't show you her last ten Facebook messages. Ask her to take a vacation from Facebook to spend more quality time with you. If taking selfies for someone online is more important to her than spending quality time with you then she might be cheating. If her Facebook status is not set to a relationship with you, then ask her to do it; if she balks at the suggestion or ignores the question, it can mean she is afraid of offending someone she has lied to about you online by telling the truth about her status.

Many women cheat online because: Online affairs tend to be very emotional and about the drama of courtship, and this is an element that turns them on. A woman who is always texting may be cheating with someone else online. These include: Ashley Madison specifically created to facilitate affairs. She is very physically possessive of her phone or laptop. If she is always on her cell phone and possessive of it, she might be having an affair. She panics if she can't find her phone or laptop or if they are broken.

She is very defensive about the amount of time she spends online. You discover that she belongs to a dating site that facilitates cheating. Discovering that your wife has a profile on a website for cheaters can be a puzzling and upsetting experience, but it is a big indication that she is or wants to cheat. You can't account for her whereabouts for hours or even overnight.

She may get a makeover or change her physical appearance. A woman who gets an extreme makeover may be cheating on you. Her friends act odd and avoid interaction with you. If she is on Facebook then see 1. To see whether or not your wife is on a dating site looking for sex, all you need to do is create your own profile and then browse the profiles of married women who are looking for affairs; if her picture appears then she is either planning to cheat on you or is actively cheating on you.