Data monitoring app

My Data Manager : has a simple user interface and lets you track historical consumption stats.

You can set usage alarms to avoid overages. Data Monitor : lets you manage your data usage with a single touch.

5 Best Data Usage App for Monitoring Android Phones

This universal app helps you avoid nasty surprises on your phone bill. Onvao : this application is free at the time of this writing. It is essentially a data plan enhancer not a tracker per se. While it reduces your data usage, it could give you an idea how close you are to going over your limit. DataMan Next : tells you if you are close to busing your data cap.

Top 10 Best Monitor Data Usage Apps for Android 2018 -- Nayyar Karajagi

It is optimized for the latest iOS release. It tracks cellular and WiFi. It has 4 custom alert thresholds.

We have had a lot of success with the first two apps on this list. A smart data managing assistant, Opera Max is also one of the best ways to save your data, manage your apps and shield your security. One of the best free data monitoring app for Android, Network Connections is a tool that displays and tracks all inbound and outbound connection from and to your Android device.

DataMan Next

Data Usage is a popular data usage app available for multiple platforms and has also basic features of Data Monitoring app such as tracking internet usage. Onavo is an app that promises to safeguard you from huge data bills. Last but not the least, Internet Speed Meter Lite displays the internet speed in status bar and shows the amount of data used in the notification panel.

These are some of the best free data monitoring apps for Android to track internet usage. Try them and let us know which one is your favorite data usage tracker app.

Best apps to track your cellular data usage

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Srishti Sisodia , Android Apps Top My Data Manager is an app that not only tracks your daily mobile data usage but also alerts you when you exceed data limit, making it extremely useful. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Jacob I was shocked with my monthly bill and discovered I exceeded my 50 Mb ten times over. This sent me to research and I found this site.

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